Small, Cute, Alive!

Product Details

  • Dimensions: D 0.67 x H 1.6 inches
  • Assortment can be chosen freely
  • Plantochis have to be watered about 8 weeks after delivery
  • Available languages: English

Plantochis are small REAL living cacti and succulents. They grow in a small capsule which works like a greenhouse. Plantochis can be used as key chains, cell phone charms, or as accessory for your bag. Just to name a few possibilities.

Plantochis are very frugal. All they need to grow is a few hours of light a day (artificial light is fine) and a few drops of water once a month. To water just place your Plantochi in a very shallow bowl of water and let it sit there for about 15 minutes. And when your little friend outgrows its mobile greenhouse (after about 8-12 months) you can just re-pot it in a flower pot.